Friday, April 10, 2009

Yay for Spring!

Spring is said to represent new life, growth, rebirth....all things related to being clean and crisp. I think of spring cleaning, new sheets, fresh and crisp green salad..sometimes Vivaldi's four season's, Spring--of course is what I hear throughout my head...Needless to say---it's been spring since last month, and so much has changed since March 21st.

Michelle and Piotr got married, Carrie had her bridal shower, and I finally got a between that, Joe and I had some time to spend together with my family and his family by going to David Thomas's and Joseph's open house and hangin out with Valerie after the bridal shower. It's been really busy....

Getting ready for my new job this Monday because its my first day. I've been choosing dental and vision plans as well as choosing a 401k plan and health plan. Also tryin to figure out how much I should contribute to these plans...UGH its been difficult. But all in all a nice change. Picking out first week outfits and planning my workout schedule along with buying new business attire has been so fun. I love getting prepared. Ive been envisioning this for a long time, and for it to seriously be happening around the corner, is so unbelievable.. I mean, I knew it was going to happen I just didn't realize it was really going to happen.....Crazy.

So change--its good. I feel like my life is changing for the good. Its like spring cleaning...starting fresh, starting new. Its like entering a really clean room for the first time, and jumping on the bed! =)

Anyway--these links, are pictures to the photos of our latest adventures...(Carrie's bridal shower and our LA Cultural Adventure)

Im hoping to still be able to blog every now and then, but don't count on daily posts like before. Just to forewarn you....I can't blog at work like i use to... hahahaha. CHEERS! Happy Spring! and Happy Easter!

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