Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Animal in LA, Easter 09 and My New Job!

So this week has been crazy---and it's only Tuesday! How am I going to find time to blog when I'm so tired now, and it's only 8:15. Maybe today is an exception, because I got up at 4:30 and pondered whether or not to hit the gym in the morning versus in the afternoon. Needless to say, I hit the gym bright and early this morning---5:30am!!! That's the earliest I've hit the gym since high school! But that could be the reason why Im so tired.

Anyway, last week ended with a bang. Finished off my "spring break" with Joe, Cathy, her bf.. Vernon and another one of her former co-workers Becky at a restaurant in LA called Animal. It was delicious! I don't remember what we ordered but we ordered a lot and we did enjoy everything, including the dessert. Which I do remember was called Joe's Doughnuts. They were rolled in sugar and covered in caramel. Absolutely fantastic! They melted in my mouth they were so good. I think everyone agreed.

That was Saturday night. Sunday, was Easter--and that was spent this year with my family. My mom made ham, with the sauce that Joe loves so much. It's made with pineapple juice, brown sugar and then cut slices of pineapple. It's pretty scrumptious and sweet. So we had that with the ham, some potato salad, chips and salsa, with my sister's chicken enchiladas.....and then coffee cake. MMMMM! We were full. It was delicious. A perfect way to end a nice break and move into life in the real world....

That brings me to yesterday---Monday the 13th, my first day. It was everything that you would expect on a first day. My computer wasn't ready, I had to clean a really dirty cube, had no log on access, no internet, no phone, and then my boss shut my computer down to restart it, only to crap out. So---pretty much had to just sit and shadow the dude who sits between me and my boss. That wasn't very eventfull...today was different. I dusted and cleaned up---threw out, get this----old food that the person before me, left in her drawers. EWWWWW! GROSS! Im surprised no one smelled anything. SO GROSS! Seriously, the place was dusty and a mess. My eyes were burning from all the dust. Today was better, my computer is up and running, i have internet, a phone and its alot cleaner than it was when I came in on monday. SO YAY! Im very excited about what I design for them. I started a advertisement that'll be sent out sometime next week in Email form. I think if you sign up at sportchalet.com to be an action pass member, you get a bunch of emails that I design...promoting sales and events. You should totally do it, just to be able to see what I'm doing.....hahaha...

Till next time---CHEERS!

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