Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We were engaged! and now we're married!

Ok, so---2009 came and went... and 2010 started off with a bang! We got engaged January 9th, 2010.
We were going to dinner to celebrate our birthdays and Joe popped the question. So after a year of extensive planning on my part--and Joe helped out too we were married April 30, 2011. Best day of our lives. And now--I begin this new chapter of my life trying to capture the first year of our life together...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Whole Lotta--Everythang...

So--the inevitable wedding, came and went. With that came a rehersal dinner, a small little after party, a lot of dancing--and some fun with friends and family. Not to mention, a lot of pictures.
But it was a beautiful wedding...gorgeous day and super hot. i'd like to give you a run down about the festivities and events leading up to the big day, but im just too lazy to post....they're coming soon.

Quick update on Joe and I---nope we're not next... (we got that question asked to us alot that day...) hehe..but like adults, we shook it off...that's it. =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Getty Center and Diddy Riese's (Westwood Village)

Well hello! It's been awhile since I last posted---and since then, I've just been really busy with getting use to the new schedule. I don't have much down time now, to blog or check out other blogs, or even just to relax--really. Saturdays have been spent, doing all the things I use to do on weekdays, ie: laundry, dry cleaning, running errands and occasional mall visits, but today---I've carved out some specific blog time.

Last weekend Joe and I visited the Getty Center museum in LA. It was his first time there, and my millionth time. I just love it out there. Its so picturesque and beautiful. It was a really nice day when we went too---so that just made the views and the whole experience for him just that much more enjoyable. Every time I go, its like my first time. There's always a great new traveling exhibit, this time it was an exhibit on sculptures. Beautiful pieces from Rome and France---handcrafted with such care, grace and elegance. I love looking at such inspiring pieces. They were so old too! Talk about time well spent! Joe loved his first time at the getty! he loved the views, the art, but most of all the architecture. he couldn't stop talking about how he loved the buildings.

After a wonderful afternoon spent outside admiring beautiful works of such great masters, we made our way to westwood village for some dinner and dessert at diddy reise's.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Animal in LA, Easter 09 and My New Job!

So this week has been crazy---and it's only Tuesday! How am I going to find time to blog when I'm so tired now, and it's only 8:15. Maybe today is an exception, because I got up at 4:30 and pondered whether or not to hit the gym in the morning versus in the afternoon. Needless to say, I hit the gym bright and early this morning---5:30am!!! That's the earliest I've hit the gym since high school! But that could be the reason why Im so tired.

Anyway, last week ended with a bang. Finished off my "spring break" with Joe, Cathy, her bf.. Vernon and another one of her former co-workers Becky at a restaurant in LA called Animal. It was delicious! I don't remember what we ordered but we ordered a lot and we did enjoy everything, including the dessert. Which I do remember was called Joe's Doughnuts. They were rolled in sugar and covered in caramel. Absolutely fantastic! They melted in my mouth they were so good. I think everyone agreed.

That was Saturday night. Sunday, was Easter--and that was spent this year with my family. My mom made ham, with the sauce that Joe loves so much. It's made with pineapple juice, brown sugar and then cut slices of pineapple. It's pretty scrumptious and sweet. So we had that with the ham, some potato salad, chips and salsa, with my sister's chicken enchiladas.....and then coffee cake. MMMMM! We were full. It was delicious. A perfect way to end a nice break and move into life in the real world....

That brings me to yesterday---Monday the 13th, my first day. It was everything that you would expect on a first day. My computer wasn't ready, I had to clean a really dirty cube, had no log on access, no internet, no phone, and then my boss shut my computer down to restart it, only to crap out. So---pretty much had to just sit and shadow the dude who sits between me and my boss. That wasn't very eventfull...today was different. I dusted and cleaned up---threw out, get this----old food that the person before me, left in her drawers. EWWWWW! GROSS! Im surprised no one smelled anything. SO GROSS! Seriously, the place was dusty and a mess. My eyes were burning from all the dust. Today was better, my computer is up and running, i have internet, a phone and its alot cleaner than it was when I came in on monday. SO YAY! Im very excited about what I design for them. I started a advertisement that'll be sent out sometime next week in Email form. I think if you sign up at sportchalet.com to be an action pass member, you get a bunch of emails that I design...promoting sales and events. You should totally do it, just to be able to see what I'm doing.....hahaha...

Till next time---CHEERS!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yay for Spring!

Spring is said to represent new life, growth, rebirth....all things related to being clean and crisp. I think of spring cleaning, new sheets, fresh and crisp green salad..sometimes Vivaldi's four season's, Spring--of course is what I hear throughout my head...Needless to say---it's been spring since last month, and so much has changed since March 21st.

Michelle and Piotr got married, Carrie had her bridal shower, and I finally got a job..in between that, Joe and I had some time to spend together with my family and his family by going to David Thomas's and Joseph's open house and hangin out with Valerie after the bridal shower. It's been really busy....

Getting ready for my new job this Monday because its my first day. I've been choosing dental and vision plans as well as choosing a 401k plan and health plan. Also tryin to figure out how much I should contribute to these plans...UGH its been difficult. But all in all a nice change. Picking out first week outfits and planning my workout schedule along with buying new business attire has been so fun. I love getting prepared. Ive been envisioning this for a long time, and for it to seriously be happening around the corner, is so unbelievable.. I mean, I knew it was going to happen I just didn't realize it was really going to happen.....Crazy.

So change--its good. I feel like my life is changing for the good. Its like spring cleaning...starting fresh, starting new. Its like entering a really clean room for the first time, and jumping on the bed! =)

Anyway--these links, are pictures to the photos of our latest adventures...(Carrie's bridal shower and our LA Cultural Adventure)

Im hoping to still be able to blog every now and then, but don't count on daily posts like before. Just to forewarn you....I can't blog at work like i use to... hahahaha. CHEERS! Happy Spring! and Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Open House at CJ Morris Elementary

So--I'm a proud Tita. (*Auntie in Tagalog) Both my nephews are excelling in school. Here are the pictures to prove it! Joe and I spent the evening with my family, visiting the boys' classrooms and seeing their hard work. I can't believe they're in First and Second grade already! Joe forgot how small things were in elementary school. He felt like a giant standing next to their desks and their tables....rightfully so--he's 6'2. Among the Ooh's and Ahh's between looking at their work and their classrooms---we managed to take a few candid shots at school....aren't they the cutest?!? you can check the rest of the photos out on flickr.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auntie Em's Red Velvet

IMG_0850, originally uploaded by misscaris20.

So a few weeks ago, my friend Cathy---introduced me to Auntie Em's Kitchen in Eagle Rock, and that very weekend Joe and I went. That day, we were too stuffed to try any of her famous pastries but we did take home a very thin chocolate chip cookie. Which was delicious!

Monday, Joe and I went to Auntie Em's again. This time, with a mission to not eat too much and save room each for our respective sweets. This time I wanted a Red Velvet cupcake, and Joe said he wanted a Lemon Bar and to take home a chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say our efforts weren't wasted. After having a much needed and satisfying breakfast---this time he ordered the Honey Orange French Toast and I ordered a veggie open faced sandwich, I ordered my cupcake and Joe just had room for a cookie. No Lemon Bar this time. =(

I ordered the Large red velvet and decided to share it with my friend Cathy. It doesn't look that big in the picture---but believe me, its HUGE! And to make it even more decadent, when we sliced it in half---there's about 2 inches of frosting on an already LARGE piece of cake. It's definitely delicious, but worth sharing. They come in 3 sizes...mini which you could probably eat in one bite, medium--good for one, and large---good for sharing.

Apparently the recipe for this particular cupcake was featured on Bobby Flay's Cupcake Throw Down, not too long ago. Here's the Link.
Cathy told me she (auntie em) really uses an ice cream scoop to scoop on the frosting for these cakes...MMMMMMMMM! This is why im fat!


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