Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Getty Center and Diddy Riese's (Westwood Village)

Well hello! It's been awhile since I last posted---and since then, I've just been really busy with getting use to the new schedule. I don't have much down time now, to blog or check out other blogs, or even just to relax--really. Saturdays have been spent, doing all the things I use to do on weekdays, ie: laundry, dry cleaning, running errands and occasional mall visits, but today---I've carved out some specific blog time.

Last weekend Joe and I visited the Getty Center museum in LA. It was his first time there, and my millionth time. I just love it out there. Its so picturesque and beautiful. It was a really nice day when we went too---so that just made the views and the whole experience for him just that much more enjoyable. Every time I go, its like my first time. There's always a great new traveling exhibit, this time it was an exhibit on sculptures. Beautiful pieces from Rome and France---handcrafted with such care, grace and elegance. I love looking at such inspiring pieces. They were so old too! Talk about time well spent! Joe loved his first time at the getty! he loved the views, the art, but most of all the architecture. he couldn't stop talking about how he loved the buildings.

After a wonderful afternoon spent outside admiring beautiful works of such great masters, we made our way to westwood village for some dinner and dessert at diddy reise's.

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